This is a rough guide to the process that will need to be followed.  Currently Persimmon Homes have not yet submitted a planning application so we are still at the very earliest stages in this process.

Persimmon held a public consultation meeting on 3 May 2011 where they presented a rough outline of their proposal to build some 300 houses on the site.  Such a public consultation is now a requirement of the planning process for developments of this scale and all feedback from the meeting must be included in the planning application.

The next step will be for Persimmon to submit a formal planning application.  They have indicated that this will be an outline planning application rather than a detailed planning application and that this will be submitted sometime in June.  An outline planning approval still requires the submission and approval of a detailed planning application, but it does establish a principle that the site can be used for the purpose being proposed.  Only when a detailed planning application is approved can work on the site begin.

Once the application is submitted Shropshire Council have 13 weeks in which to make a decision.  During this 13 week period the following must take place:-

  • The planning application is validated, which means that it is checked to ensure that all relevant paperwork is present and complete including any necessary reports from third-parties.
  • The planning application is then published on the Shropshire Council Planning Portal and a statutory 21 day public consultation period begins.
  • During the 21 day consultation period representations will be made for and against the proposal.  All such representations will be published on the Shropshire Council website and will be taken into consideration by the Planning Committee.
  • After the 21 day consultation period has ended the application will be added to the agenda for a decision to be made at the next meeting of the Central Planning Committee.
  • The Central Planning Committee meeting is a public meeting held monthly at the Shirehall and anyone may attend.  It is also possible to speak at the meeting but this is time-limited and must be booked in advance.

If the application is refused, then Persimmon have 6 months in which to lodge an appeal against the decision.  Persimmon have already indicated that they will do so on the grounds that the Shropshire Council will not otherwise meet its short-term housing targets.  Anyone who submitted who made a representation for the initial planning decision will be able to submit a further representation at the appeal, but this will be in writing only.

If the application is approved, the only way to challenge the decision is with a judicial review in the high court.