The current outline plans from the developer involve houses being built right up to the woodland edge.  Although the coppice itself and any outlying trees are protected by Tree Preservation Orders there does not appear to be any legal requirement that would prevent development close to those trees as long as the trees are not physically harmed. But a wood is more than just its trees; it is a complex ecological system that involves all the plants, animals and fungi that inhabit it and many of those are dependent on there being open fields surrounding the woods.  Still more are sensitive to human encroachment on woodland, something that is detailed in a report by The Woodland Trust (see links below).

Since the construction of the Berwick Grange estate, there has already been increased disturbance to Lion Coppice and an unofficial footpath has been established around the woods which is frequented by dog-walkers and others.  We even have people riding motorbikes along these tracks, further increasing pressure on the woodland ecology.  Building more houses even closer to the woods would increase the pressure still further and quite dramatically.

If you would like to help avert this threat, please get in touch.